Foam System

The foam fire extinguishing system, which is actually the mechanical foam, can be described as follows:

The foam works together with the removal of oxygen and cooling. The foam needs little water and its disadvantages are that it deteriorates after a while and also has corrosive properties. In addition, the devices must be cleaned at specified times,The foam is suitable for fire extinguishing of aircraft hangars, refineries, fuel tanks, alcohol and hydrocarbons.Mixing of water and foam is possible by different methods,This should be designed in accordance with NFPA II

The three main methods of foam production are:

  • Use Bladdar Tank
  • Use of foam pumping system
  • The use of water force for foam mixing is a new way of producing foam that does not require external force.

 Bladder Tank system

The Bladder Tank system consists of two tanks that are interconnected. The internal tank containing foam is usually made of Thermo plastic, To have the flexibility.Water enters the outer tank made of carbon steel and compresses the inner tank containing the foam and exits the foam tank.The Bladder Tank offers a range of 500 liters to 1500 liters in both horizontal and vertical types. This system is capable of injecting foam with the capacity of 3% and 6%.Pressurized tank section is desiged and manufactured with  ASME Sec. VIII

 Foam pump system

The system consists of a one atmospheric tank with foam and pump that injects the foam into the water line and does not need to be removed from the circuit to fill the system.