Fire Sprinkler

The importance of automatic fire extinguishing systems today is to protect human lives and their property. Water is one of the best extinguishing agents used to control and prevent the spread of fires by keeping cool the surrounding walls and columns. Water has been used in various forms in firefighting for many years.

Valves are the most important components in fire extinguishing systems, based on this let’s talk about some of the types of valves used in sprinkler fire extinguishing systems.

Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguisher System is one of the most efficient, low cost and most cost effective fire protection systems available, it is widely used in industrial, commercial and residential areas.the use of these systems does not have the disadvantages of other extinguishing systems, especially gas and It is easily accessible at low cost.

Various valves are used in the fire fighting industry, including deluge valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, knee valves, etc., each depending on their capacity in a particular location.

Generally, the valves used in sprinkler fire extinguishers are divided into three general categories:


Control valve is a type of industrial valve that is used to control the flow intensity or fluid pressure control.Due to the automatic operation of the control valves, these valves are equipped with an operator, In some cases ball or butterfly valves are also used for this purposeIn the sprinkler fire extinguishing system, control valves are used to open and close the inlet water path to the system. These valves should not be closed in less than 5 seconds to prevent water hammer